If you're genuinely concerned about the human race's impact on the planet, you may want to go above and beyond recycling and reducing your carbon footprint. Those things minimise your personal contribution to the degradation of the environment — but have you considered a career that actively repairs and saves it? In Australia, studying and working in bush regeneration allows you to be a part of real, practical and positive change. Here's what you need to know.

The Route to Regeneration

Being licensed in bush regeneration is a thorough but simple process. You'll need a qualification from a registered institution to help you understand the theory, but you'll also need to clock up a good number of hours as a trainee. This will more than likely involve volunteer work under an experienced bush regeneration group, but it's a vital part of your training. You'll gain confidence and competence alongside people who already know what they're doing, and you'll learn how best to work with the environment to allow it to flourish — outside of a classroom setting. This makes for a nice and varied path to a career rather than just sitting in a classroom or lecture hall.

A Sustainable Career

By working in bush regeneration, you're not just sustaining the environment — you're protecting your own future. In a world where many industries are fast changing and many jobs are becoming obsolete, you'll be learning a practical trade that simply cannot be phased out in your lifetime. There'll always be a need to protect and heal Australia's natural bush environments, so you'll always have a job. In short, you'll be helping the environment — and it'll be helping you.

Variation and Vitality

Unlike many basic office and customer service jobs, bush regeneration offers great variety. From one day to the next, you'll be working with completely different landscapes and local environments, helping a wide variety of flora and fauna to flourish out in the wild. Unlike pushing paper from one desk to another, you will actually be able to see the practical effects of your work. Plus, it's a job with great opportunity for socializing with friendly colleagues who share your commitment to environmental protection.

In short, there is a whole host of reasons to work in bush regeneration — but perhaps more important than any of these is your own personal commitment to the cause. If this is something you really believe in, it's one of the most fulfilling careers you could work towards. That kind of job satisfaction is priceless, so what are you waiting for? Volunteer with a local bush regeneration foundation group today and find out whether it's for you.