Summer is the time of year where the sun shines a lot more, the temperatures go up and maybe a little summer rain hits as well. Outdoor activities for you and your loved ones become a mainstay as you find various things to do in the warm, enjoyable weather. With the change in season, your home needs to be prepared to provide a conducive environment for the new season. Here are a few ideas to get you started for the summer.  

1. Turn the Direction of the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans usually come with two rotation modes. The clockwise rotation mode is suitable for winter, as it helps spreads out the hot air that rises in the room. The anticlockwise direction is ideal for summer when it is hot, as it kicks up a breeze to keep the place cool.

2. Clean the Gutters

Summer doesn't just feature hot, humid weather—it can at times bring with it summer rain. Clear the gutters of any accumulated mud, rotten foliage and other debris. If it rains, your gutters will allow proper drainage. 

3. Spruce Up the Deck

You and your loved ones will spend a lot more time outdoors during summer. Therefore, you should touch up your deck in preparation for the increase in outdoor activity. Clean it with a deck brush or power washer to get rid of mildew, mould and dirt that might have accumulated as you spent more time indoors during the colder months.  If you find that your deck is looking worn out, you can reseal it after letting it dry for some days once you wash it. 

4. Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your AC will be critical in keeping the house cool as summer wears on. Run a test on the unit by turning it on and leaving it for a while to assess its functionality. Replace any dusty filters or clean them in the case of reusable ones.If you suspect that your air conditioner is not running smoothly, hire an air conditioning maintenance professional to provide a more detailed assessment. They will be able to identify problems with your unit and recommend ways to repair them. Ensure you check for leaks around the house to avoid losing the cool air the AC will generate. 


A change in seasons necessitates preparing the home for the new weather conditions. Summer brings hot, humid weather which can include summer rain at times. Get your house ready by assessing inside and outside areas to fix what needs repairing.