By using solar panels, you can convert the sun's light into solar power. The fact that this kind of energy is renewable makes it very affordable both for households and business premises. The only thing you require for this is the right solar panel installation and the sun's natural light. When the plate's material absorbs the sun's light, the solar energy knocks out electrons allowing them to flow and produce electricity. Solar energy technologies use this energy to give you the cooling, heating as well as lighting in your premises. Here are a few solar technologies that you can use on your premises.

Photovoltaic Schemes

These systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. The light particles (photons) are turned into electrical power (voltage) in a process that you can refer to as the photovoltaic effect. This power can then be wired into your premises just as geothermal electricity is. It is necessary that you call in a well-versed electrician to help you in the fixation and channelling of the light to your premises. You can use the energy for cooking, lighting as well as cooling. It is as useful as any other power. By connecting this power in your premises, you can reduce your regular power bill since it is a renewable resource.

Solar Electricity

The sun's light can be used as a heat source. Parabolic trough systems can concentrate the sun's light through the mirrors built in them. Since the mirrors are tilted towards the sun, they can tap the light and convert it into usable heat energy. Oil is put in the pipe so that when the light reflects, the water in the trough boils producing steam energy. It is possible to generate the steam power to drive the machines in the major industrial firms. Power tower systems can also be installed in your premises to ensure that you will have electricity even after the sunsets. You can amicably avoid the power overhead costs that are usually present in large machinery operations.

Solar Hot Water

If you want to reduce the amount of electricity used for heating water in your premises, solar energy is the way to go. By installing flat plate solar collectors on your roof, you can provide your family with hot water at all times. The solar collector is connected to a storage tank through tubes. As the plates get heated, the water in the cells gets heated hence transferring the heat to the water. The process continues and keeps your water hot at all times. Painting your plates black will ensure that the heat is absorbed and retained. As a result, the premises occupants enjoy hot water provision.